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AdGuard VPN - Unlimited servers fast and secure


AdGuard VPN - Unlimited servers fast and secure

With Edgard VPN, you will have unlimited possibilities, and your private information will be securely protected.

Why choose Edgard VPN?

- 11 years on the market

- How long has the company started

- The product and software product lines are used for personal data security and the ad blockchain market.

More than 25 million users

Millions of people around the world trust Edgard to ensure data security Our users are growing every year, and their loyalty motivates us to continue to improve our products.

Dedicated VPN protocol

We are proud to be developing the Edgard VPN protocol.

The main difference between Edgard VPN and its competitors is that patent law makes normal traffic, so it's hard for anyone to take it and block it.

Release list

Add a website to the release list. It is very easy to choose where and where your VPN can be used.

Very fast server

Access unlimited bandwidth VPN servers worldwide. The response speed of each server is displayed next to it - you can easily select the best server!

AdGuard VPN - Unlimited servers fast and secure

Security and privacy

Using our VPN, you can ensure the security of your personal information. Buy Purline and use public Wi-Fi, don't worry - Edgard VPN is securely encrypting your network traffic.

There is no logging strategy

The policy of non-existent or non-existent vulnerability means we will not store, store or transmit user personal data to third parties. 

24/7 support

We do not only care about our users, we do it 24 hours a day If you have any questions or difficulties using Edgard, please contact our support team and we will assist you.

VPN servers in 21 countries / regions:

- Australia

- In Brazil

- Canadian

- eFrance

- Germany

- Hong Kong

- India

- Israel

- Italy

- In Japan

- Luxembourg

- In the Netherlands

- Poland

- Singapore

- South Africa

- South Korea

- eSpain

- Garlic

- Ukraine

- United Kingdom

- United States

This is just the beginning!

AdGuard VPN - Unlimited servers fast and secure

Turbo VPN Lite is a free and restricted VPN that allows you to access any content, remain anonymous and protect your device.

When the VPN was in Pakistan The first time to start connecting to a private server was with security at unlimited speeds.

Install Turbo VPN now

Unknown Onym Center

Visit the website

Open websites and apps are fast and stable.

Connect to the Turbo Lite Free VPN hosting server and quickly access locally blocked content.

Free unlimited VPN

The best free VPN client for Android You do not need to pay

Save phone space

Turbo VPN Lite takes up less than 5MB of storage space Save phone space and use the phone immediately Do not knock on the phone!

Android Free Turbo VPN Lite Lightweight is waiting for you to use Get this unlimited data storage and fast VPN for your Android device now!

AdGuard VPN - Unlimited servers fast and secure

- Free and unlimited VPN server

- Anonymous and secure Internet

- Browse any website freely

- Public Wi-Fi protection

- VPN service savings data

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