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SMS MAN best website receiving OTP codes

SMS MAN best website receiving OTP codes


Visual numbers for receiving SMS messages

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There are 358 countries available. Full list of countries and services:


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United States of America2805485





Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 3312638
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Reduced prices in Russia for Ebay, Amazon, Wechat, Tinder, Google, Microsoft, Paypal and more.

The website is fully automatic, so you will receive an instant SMS at any time of the day or night.

The phone number rental service allows you to receive an unlimited SMS amount during your paid time.

Visible SMS numbers to receive SMS from more than 270 countries are always available.

Thanks to a simple and efficient API, developers can successfully integrate their products with Sms-man to receive SMS automatically.

Benefits of SMS service
You can sign up for our service from anywhere in the world

From any device

Without SIM card or special equipment

Completely secure and confidential

Fully automatic

The service is active 24/7

We have an excellent transfer system.

How can you use our SMS activation service?
Buy a visual number to receive SMS messages
Sms-man offers to get a visible phone number to sign up for popular services at the most profitable online price. Today, you no longer need to buy expensive SIM cards to create additional social media accounts or messengers.

Our main goal is to provide the most efficient service for those users who want to open a single social network account, messenger, payment system, dating website, or any other SMS service and those who need a mass launch.

On our website, you can find a tangible phone number in just a few minutes!

The process is fully automatic. It does not involve people. Therefore, there is no risk of failure or errors. For many years we have been providing high quality telephone distribution services, which has helped us gain a leading position in the market!

Receives SMS from virtual phone number
By using the SMS service to unlock Sms-man, you can both purchase one-time phone numbers to receive SMS and rent yourself the time required to receive an unlimited number of messages.

The first option will be suitable for those who need to receive a single message with a code to use to subscribe to one website. However, if you decide to rent a tangible phone number, you will have the opportunity to restore access to the account if necessary and use this number to sign up for more websites.

We work with a large number of data centers in different countries, which allows us to offer our users the widest selection of visual SMS numbers and to ensure the seamless and seamless operation of our website. Therefore, you can use our company's services at any time of the day without any delay.
Visible online registration numbers from any part of the world
We provide our clients with SMS to phone number from more than 270 countries. You can select the country and mobile operating system to which the account creation number will be connected.

Alternatively, you can pay for a toll-free phone number with multiple payment plans. We accept payments in rubles, dollars, and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can easily find a registration phone number anywhere in the world without any problems.

Another reason to buy a tangible phone number on Sms-man is the complete anonymity of the customers. We will never require you to perform any verification procedures, send scanned copies of your ID or share any other personal information. Whether you need to purchase a tangible phone number in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, or China, USA, Germany - you will not need to specify any personal data at the time of registration.
How to get a tangible phone number in 4 easy steps
Sms-man owners have done their best to create a real quality and cheap SMS activation service, allowing users to create a visual phone number to receive SMS within a few seconds. Our priority is ease of use and affordable prices.

To receive an SMS to a mobile phone number through our service, you need to take 4 simple steps:

1. Complete the registration on our website.
2. Install the account in any convenient way.
3. Get the service you want to sign up for via SMS.
4. Buy your favorite phone number.

If you want a high quality SMS activation service for a low price, select Sms-man. Try our service and you will see how easy it is to deal with true professionals!
We use a number of processing centers in different cities and countries, ensuring a wide selection of SMS-enabled numbers and uninterrupted operation of the site. We are not dependent on the work of one person, everything is automatic and perfect, as a result we have become the best in the industry!

You can get a visible phone number in just seconds!

SMS-MAN was created to improve the quality of service for people who are interested in the simultaneous operation of multiple accounts of various payment services and social media platforms that need to be verified by sending an SMS to m.


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